Platforms To Cop The Best Sneakers

Platforms To Cop The Best Sneakers

Platforms To Cop The Best Sneakers – The sneaker market is having a major moment right now, which is probably induced by the popularity of streetwear in millennial and GenZ style. Copping some limited edition pieces can be more difficult than others, especially if you’re trying to be one of those hypebeasts — we’re talking collector’s Air Jordans, Dunks, Yeezys and whatnot. So, if you’ve been looking for some legit platforms to get your hands on authentic sneakers, here’s a list to make your life easier.

The Sneaker Shack

Platforms To Cop The Best Sneakers


Probably one of the most loved places for sneakers! This is a well-known place where you can find a well-curated collection, mostly at retail price. They also hold raffles now and then for drops of some of the most sought-after pieces, so make sure you follow them to stay updated. Apart from footwear, you’ll also find apparel, accessories, and shoe care equipment here. They also have stores in major cities like Delhi, Bombay, and Bangalore.

The Mainstreet Marketplace

This is a premium resale platform with two showrooms, one on Perry Cross Road in Mumbai, and the other in Dhanmill Compound in Delhi. If you’ve been eyeing a particular pair of Jordans for some time but can’t get your hands on them, you might just get lucky here. The apparel section also features a collection by Drew House!

Crepdog Crew

This one probably is a no-brainer. Trusted, loved and a go-to for all sneaker lovers. In Feb 2022, they opened their store in Delhi NCR that houses the most hyped sneakers on what they call the biggest sneaker wall in India, the best streetwear (30+ brands) and even a cafe called Brisk.

GOAT Sneakers

Not just shipping pan-India, GOAT Sneakers is a global platform where you can find all sorts of sneakers, accessories, and apparel. Currently, they hold a collection of over 2,00,000 items. The price of each sneaker varies — even if it’s the same variant in a different size. Each piece is authenticated exclusively by GOAT, so you know you’re getting the real deal.


StockX is another global platform where people from around the world can shop sneakers. What’s distinctive is that their website works as stock market, where the price is determined by demand and supply. So you can either choose to place a bid on a piece or buy right then. They make sure to authenticate each piece before it’s shipped!